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The new location of The Road to 1,000!

Hello! Going forward, all reviews will be posted here on this page. However, I have kept my previous Tumblr account active so all previously written reviews will remain accessible. The link is below.

https://brothermarc7theatre.tumblr.com/ (The former home to "The Road to 1,000")

Because you will see some shows have a Road to 1,000 number and some without, below is the criteria for being of my road to 1,000.

*Only theatrical shows will be counted towards the 1,000. Dance shows, operas, cabarets, etc. may be reviewed but wouldn't count towards the 1,000.

*Any theatre company I have opened a show with in a production or creative team capacity will not be numbered towards the 1,000. However, they may still receive a review if requested by the company.

*Any production I am directly involved with in any capacity will not be reviewed.

*Any school production that the grade level us under college level I will not review, as I am a high school teacher.

*No productions I see prior to the official Opening Night (preview, invited dress, etc.) will count towards the 1,000. However, if the company requests a review I will gladly provide one.

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