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"Super Funtimes Magic!"

Friday night lights at the LAByrinth Art Collective brought fringe-veteran Christopher Bange to the stage. In this two-night stand workshop of his developing show, Super Funtimes Magic!, audiences are treated to a magician and comedian in one. Bange demonstrates the ability to make magic appear seamless and comedy appear effortless, both which are credit to the top-tier level Bange is in.

(Christopher Bange; Photo credit: Grant Evan Knutson)

Bange has the ability to impress with illusion, entertain with the few foibles, and the uncanny skill to never let you know the difference. Bange's facial expressions and physical comedy are enough to fill every beat of every trick and scene, complemented by a bouncy, appropriately moody soundtrack underscoring the show. With his takes to the audience and silent-but-expressive banter with those who simply can't stop giggling, Bange ensures your enjoyment isn't limited to just magic.

(Christopher Bange; Photo credit: Grant Evan Knutson)

Bange provides a wholly superb experience for the audience where physical comedy, slapstick antics, bit-induced-follow-thru, and legitimately impressive card, hat, and prop-based tricks are given their due real estate in the show. You can't help but lean forward to try and figure out how so many decks of cards are popping out from Bange's hand, or if the next hat will land where it's meant to land. However, better than looking for the truth to the trickery is when you sit back and enjoy the ride you're on: one that is sure to keep you laughing, keep you guessing and, as was the case for the audience I sat in Friday night, look for every chance to applaud Bange's pristine talent.

(Christopher Bange; Photo credit: Grant Evan Knutson)

There is one more showing this evening, with curtain at 7pm and tickets at $12. Be sure to book it down to LAByrinth Art Collective and see Bange in the form he has been lauded for already: a magician who has a gift for the comedy, who is sure to entertain, and who will impress in a fashion audiences rarely get to see.


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