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Rogue Review: "Jaguar is a Liar: What I Saw During the Fight for the Tower Theatre"

Jaguar always brings humor, insight, offensive syntax, and is always in the spirit of giving commentary to a national (sometimes global) issue we humans must give thought and reflection to. In this year’s monologue, Jaguar takes a more personal approach to address a serious issue facing the Tower District; and if you haven’t been keeping track, an issue which has been facing the Tower District for the past 61+ weeks. Adventure Church has been, and continues to be, in violation of zoning laws and wants to purchase the Tower Theatre, which directly affects the neighboring business, bars, and eateries. But no worries, Jaguar put this issue and solutions into words that are both entertaining and educating.

Jaguar dives into his upbringing, having grown up in Clovis, finding comfort in the Tower bars, and letting audiences know that his father, Mort, began the Tower District bohemian vibe we know it for today. Through legal jargon, anecdotal evidence, and very popular opinion, Jaguar lets his audience in on what it’s been like to be on the front lines and in the camera’s eye for 61 weeks of peaceful (on the side of the Save the Tower Theatre Demonstration Committee) protest. It’s a show that is in timbre with Jaguar’s superb writing and delivery, but hits harder since the very venue in which it’s being performed at would be affected by Adventure Church’s purchase of the Tower Theatre. He gives us homework, an assignment of writing to the mayor and your council members to ensure that they enforce the zoning laws, especially this year, which is an election year for some. So do your due diligence, if you haven’t already, and my homework for you is to go see this show.

You can catch the remaining performances of Jaguar is a Liar: What I Saw During the Fight for the Tower Theatre at Veni Vidi Vici on Thursday, 3/10 at 7pm, and Friday, 3/11 at 7pm.

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