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Rogue Review: "Breakneck Comedy of Errors," show #830

Tim Mooney’s ability to bring Shakespeare to a modern-day audience is uncanny, nuanced, and can’t be taught. He brought his newest adaptation, Breakneck Comedy of Errors, to the Rogue Festival this year and it was purely enjoyable. Tim’s use of maps, hats, and streamlined acts provides audiences with a rousing, clipped experience of one of The Bard’s greatest comedies.

The plot is intact, but Tim gives some expertly timed and written narrations of commentary to wink the audience into knowing what Shakespeare intended. Not just that, but Tim’s ability to craft dialects, namely for all the sets of twins and fathers in the play, impressions (Sean Connery is double-cast!), and ensuring that the audience is always aware of the act/scene/character count like a seasoned sports announcer, Breakneck Comedy of Errors should be on your list of ways to enjoy and experience Shakespeare if he comes to a town or festival near you!

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