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Rogue Review: "Blood Harmony"

The Murray Girls delivered a fantastically enjoyable performance of tunes, both modern and traditional, at Veni Vidi Vici’s. This being their sixteenth year at the Rogue, they are a staple slot in my scheduling that I always look forward to. If you’ve seen Blood Harmony before, you know you’re in for a treat of familiar tunes with a few newer ones blended into the set list. My personal favorites are their renditions of “Jolene” and “Danny Boy,” the latter being sung in a harmonious arrangement which allows for appreciation of the lyrics, not just the familiarity of the standard.

The Murray Girls have an impressive balance of raw and trained talent, refined in a way that allows for their pure vocals to serve the audience with no need for extra amplification nor bells and whistles to enhance the performance. The banter is kept to a minimum, usually a quip here and there or some context, and then they get right to the song. I encourage you to follow The Murray Girls for future music, both available as an album and in future performances.

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