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Rogue Review: "Accordion Fight Show"

Strangely is back and more raucous than ever! With him this year isn’t just the accordion and the epic beard, but a kayak, a paddle, and his ever-present passion for storytelling through song and monologue. Strangely performs his own updated versions of traditional sea shanties and rockin' crowd-participation tunes, filtered through two years of Covid quarantine thoughts. This new rendition of Accordion Fight Show allows audiences to get to know the man behind the outfit and facial hair while peeking into the mind of this talented artist.

You’re going to have a fun but also emotionally safe time getting to know a bit about Strangely’s fringe fest career, schooling, and entertaining anecdotes, including a sold out show he manifested himself! Without getting too into spoilers, because I want you to see the show, just know that when you attend a Strangely show you are going have an awesome and reflective time.

You can catch the remaining shows of Strangely’s Accordion Fight Show at Hart’s Haven Used Bookstore on Saturday, 3/5 at 9pm and Friday, 3/11 at 9pm.

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