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Mini-Rogue Review Round-up Day 1

Day 1 brought two featured shows and one special event to the LAByrinth Art Collective venue, and the house was filled audiences ready for fring fest performance. Below are my reviews for the two featured shows, both of which have showings today!

Hmong Class 101 (show #873)

Jasmine Vang’s solo show about Hmong culture, language, and growing up as a Hmong-American has returned as a more-polished, well-paced iteration of an already terrific solo show. Jasmine balances humor with poignancy in the easy-to-settle-in structure of being a class of students she’s teaching the Hmong language and culture to.

Jasmine’s honesty complements the humorous stereotypes she admits plagues the community she has grown up in, has complications and deep-seated appreciation for, all which makes her story applicable to those of Hmong identity. However, in her specificity and vulnerability, Jasmine is able to make her story relevant to anyone who has felt the pressure to assimilate, whether by peers, family, or them self. The tone of the play brings together, though, the joy one can feel when they feel seen and valued by their family, their peers, and are finally comfortable with their self-identity as it pertains to their culture.

You can catch the final showing of Hmong Class 101 today at 4pm.

Everything Happens for a Reason and Other Sh*t Lies

This wonderfully staged show by Aleno Dance Project is comprised of nine performers who are equal parts dancers and storytellers. The pieces are emotionally-driven journeys, with piercing expression representing the story that lead choreographer/dancer Alexandra Tiscareno tells as a monologue with calm vulnerability after the opening dance.

While it’s a strong show throughout, the number involving the company silently, but passionately, expressing their turmoil, and are then calmed with your interpretation of coping device, is incredibly powerful and moving. Alexandra, and co-choreographer Mikayla Davis, have provided audiences with a troupe of dancers who deliver fantastic technique giving foundation to focused abandon and intentionally erratic dance turns. This show will grab your heart, make you think, and serves as a sublime example of modern dance done right.

You can catch the final showing of Everything Happens for a Reason and Other Sh*t Lies today at 5:30pm.

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